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Speedway Mini 4 Pro Electric Scooter

Small in Size, Packed with Features

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter is unequivocally a great choice if you’re looking to purchase your first electric scooter. Complete with a lightweight body, dual suspension and LED lights, this nippy personal vehicle is a convenient and fast choice. Most notably, it’s built with a hard-wearing aluminium frame that prevents corrosion and rust, with its impermeable outer layer.

Speedway Mini 4 Pro is small in size but packed with features. It is a light electric scooter and easily transportable because it weighs only 17 kg. Once folded, it becomes very compact, which allows you to store it without taking up too much space.

Despite the light-weight, it can take seven times its weight and is a perfect choice for riders popping to the shops or short-distance travel.

The new Speedway Mini 4 Pro's now has 48Volt 16aH Panasonic batteries. This is the highest spec Mini 4 Pro available. The Speedway Mini 4 Pro Electric Scooter has plenty of power with its 1,360 watt hub motor and best in class 30 mile range. It is one of the most reliable electric scooters on the market.

The 36V 375Wh battery gives you maximum distance of 20 miles and 16 mph in speed and the 48v 760Wh version that gives you a maximum distance of 34 miles and 26 miles in speed.

Equipped with a 500 W engine, the performance of the Speedway Mini 4 Pro Mini is strong compared to other scooters of the same category on the market. Three speed levels are selectable to adapt the speed to your needs.

The power delivered by this scooter gives you enough traction to climb slopes with a slope of 27%.

Speedway Mini 4 Pro a great scooter be it your daily commute to work or bringing it out for leisure. Dual suspension provides comfort and lightweight to bring it anywhere you go.


  • The Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro weighs only 16kg that combined with the folded handlebars makes it very compact, which allows you to store it without taking up too much space.
  • A perfect choice for riders popping to the shops or short-distance travel.


  • Aided by the 48v 13Ah battery, this scooter will allow you to travel up to 40 km and climb hills by a 27% lean angle.
  • This Super Mini 4 Pro reaches 40 km/h and offers you the choice of adjusting the speed, thanks to its 3 different modes.


  • Your rides will be comfortable thanks to 8 ″ (200 × 50) front pneumatic tube tire at the front and rear solid tire at the rear.
  • The dual suspension (front hydraulic suspension and rear air suspension) makes the ride smoother and more comfortable to ride, especially on uneven roads.


  • An electric brake and a drum brake located on the rear wheel will make your rides safe.

Dual Suspension

  • The Speedway Mini 4 Pro features dual suspension which gives a great ride even when the road gets bumpy.

LED Lights

  • Ride at night? No problem. The Speedway Mini 4 Pro has dual front and rear LED lights in additional to plenty of space to mount additional lighting.

Regenerative Braking

  • The Speedway Mini 4 Pro has regenerative brakes so you get a some charge back in your batteries when you are going down hills. Regenerative brakes also add a bit of resistance which help preserve brake wear.
Power 500 W
Maximum Speed 40 Km
Max Incline/ Slope 15°
Autonomy 40 km
Net Weight 16.37kg
Maximum User Weight 120 Kg
Charging/ Loading time 6 h
Lighting Front & Rear
Suspension Pneumatic
Break Front: Regenerative integrated electronic brake
Rear: Drum Brake
Engine / Motor BLDC HUB
Battery 48V 13Ah
Wheel Size 8 inches
Wheel Type (Front / Rear) Front: Inner Tube
Rear: Rubber
Other characteristics IP54 waterproof
Walking Foot
Large Deck
Folded Size Length: 97 cm
Width: 33 cm
Height : 18 cm
Unfolded Size Length : 101 cm
Width : 53 cm
Height : 118 cm
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