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Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter

Break Free from Your Commute

The Dualtron Mini electric scooter is a must have for serious commuters. The lightweight, compact design provides excellent portability but keeps the aggressive look and performance that has made Dualtron a market leader.

The Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter is not your average e-scooter. The classic Dualtron features we all know and love are still prevalent on the Mini, just in a more compact package! With its provocative design with aggressive lines, the Dualtron Mini seems like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie. The column, the handles of the handlebar, the plate, the suspensions, the mudguard, the fires, and even the crutch have been redesigned to give this electric scooter the presence.

Front and rear mudguards, LED lit stem, moulded handlebars, quick fold system, rear foot rest, wide wheels and 3 x speed modes are just some of the features that the Dualtron Mini electric scooter has to offer.

Dualtron Mini is a foldable and easy-to-carry electric scooter. You can carry it safely with you everywhere, and store it discreetly.

The Dualtron Mini also features a newly designed lighting system and folding mechanism which will definitely make you the envy of your city! Break free from your commute with the new Dualtron Mini!

There are two models. The top spec Dualtron Mini delivers up to 1,450W of power depending on the effort required. This means that the Mini electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 28mph and still handle most hills out there. For hills, the power of the motor makes it possible to overcome unevenness of 27 degrees maximum.

Please note that the range will vary and always depend on the persons weight, wind, average speed, incline and terrain. The max range advertised for our products is based on an average weight rider on a flat surface, no wind and a steady speed.


  • With a total weight of 22Kg, you can bring the Dualtron Mini on your commute as you can carry it in one hand. With the 13Ah version, you’ll find it lighter by 15% and even more portable.

High Quality Design

  • The Dualtron Mini benefits from a high-quality design, as its chassis is made from a super-strong alloy of 6063 / T6 aluminum and steel.


  • For speed, three levels are selectable but the advertised top speed is 28 mph. The top spec model is also equipped with a 52V 17.5 Ah, and the lower spec model 52V 13Ah battery producing a range of 35 miles (52V 17.5Ah) or 25 miles

LED Lighting

  • Dual steering tube lights and dual decks side lights, front headlights and tail lights. Optional Front Projector for illumination of the road ahead and late night riding.

Built-in Footrest

  • An integrated Rear Footrest allows you to feel much better anchored and more confident while riding. This coupled with the front and rear spring suspension make each journey a really comfortable experience.

4x Shocks - Front & Rear

  • Meet the first quadruple suspension system on an electric scooter of this size for speedriding smooth as butter. The 4x suspension springs and the 2x wide air tyres work together for a more ample suspension effect.

Smart Fingerprint Identification Security System

  • Developed by Minimotors & Crucial Tec, 3rd Generation Dualtrons are equipped with an optional smart fingerprint security system which was officially unveiled at the world’s largest Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) exhibition. (The smart fingerprint reader is compatible only with the new EYE throttle system)

Reengineered Folding Lever

  • Improved folding experience with the newly designed folding lever, makes you feel more confident while folding and unfolding.

Wide Tubeless Tyre

  • An 8.5 Inch wide tyre that adds tons of capability on the road and off-road.

Easy Wheel System

  • The rim and hub motor can be completely separated, allowing replacement of broken parts without replacing the whole motor or vice versa, thus improving the maintainability of the product. (Available for both front and rear suspension)

Anti-lock Brake System As Standard

  • All electric vehicles generate tire locks during sudden braking, resulting in tire skids, sudden stops and loss of control, causing the rider to fall off and get injured.
  • In order to solve the problem of wheels locking up during emergency braking, ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the eScooter over a short distance. Third Generation Dualtrons are equipped with ABS brake function as a standard feature to eliminate tire locks, allowing riders to brake safely.

The New Eye Throttle System

  • All 3rd Generation Dualtrons and above are equipped with an original smart EYE throttle system designed by Minimotors. Overcoming the drawbacks of existing throttles, the EYE throttle has been designed for improved functionality and intuitiveness and styled for elegance in design. The ABS provides a series of breaking pulses when applied. Due to the nature of ABS, the brakes are operated many times per second, causing vibrations to the eScooter motor and body. Repetitive vibrations caused by this may cause the motor, rim and other parts to loosen over time. Always check your eScooter to ensure that all parts are secured before riding.

Main Power Switch

  • To maintain the battery life, Dualtron Mini has its own built-in robust main power switch with dust seal cover, which can significantly reduce standby power consumption.

Dust Seal Cover For Motor & Brake Cables

  • In order to strengthen the product, and to prevent damage from the elements, cable connections are protected with a dust seal.
Power 500W - 1450W peak
Speed Maximum Speed Delivered at 25 km / h
(45 km / h on private road)
Max Incline/ Slope 27°
Autonomy 40 km (13Ah battery) / 55 km (17.5Ah battery)
Net Weight 22 Kg
Maximum User Weight 120 Kg
Charging/ Loading time 6-8 h (80% after 3 hours)
Lighting Front & Rear
Suspension Front: Hydraulic
Rear: Pneumatic
Break Front: Regenerative integrated electronic brake
Rear: Drum Brake
Engine / Motor 500W BLDC HUB
Battery 52 V - 13 Ah or 52 V - 17.5 Ah (depending on the version)
Wheel Size 8.5 inches
Wheel Type (Front / Rear) Air Chamber
Other characteristics IP54 waterproof
Walking Foot
Large Deck
Folded Size Length: 96 cm
Width: 21 cm
Height : 39 cm
Unfolded Size Length : 115 cm
Width : 53 cm
Height : 106 cm
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